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"The good we have done and will continue to do cannot be completely or adequately shown on our financial statements. The greater good is in the enriched lives of our elderly and in stimulation of greater achievements of our youth. It is a record that makes being a Kiwanian worthwhile."

Created in 1954, the Colorado Springs Kiwanis Foundation has contributed more than a quarter of a million dollars ($250,000) to local organizations, charities and community causes.

The purpose of the foundation is to "most effectively assist, encourage, and promote the general well being of the human race; provided however, that the corporation shall never have or exercise any objects or purposes, except such as shall in law be deemed charitable."

The first funds received by the foundation were a contribution of $450 from a Kiwanis-sponsored fireworks display. Soon after, a grant of $430 was made on behalf of the foundation to the local YMCA to construct a boat dock at the "Y" camp.

On November 11, 1954, Armin Barney, Harry D. MacDonald, and Bill Marker established the Colorado Springs Kiwanis Foundation, and with R. J. Shetler and Roy Foard, were the first trustees of the foundation.
The immediate past president, president, first vice president, and five elected trustees serve as the Board of Trustees. All members of the Colorado Springs Kiwanis Club are automatically members of the foundation.
No Kiwanian may have any interest in the assets of the foundation, nor may any share in any distribution thereof. The trustees meet quarterly, and any Kiwanian is welcome to attend these meetings.

You can help this fund grow, and thus help the organizations that Kiwanis supports, by:
• Donating funds, securities, or property.
• Placing a bequest in your will.
• Contributing each quarter with your monthly dues.
• Donating in memory of a friend or relative.
Since only the interest or dividend income is distributed each year, your gifts and donations grow the principal which generates more for charitable causes.

Obtaining a grant from the foundation

Please use the below form to apply for a grant from the foundation.